The 2007 JTS Sponsors

Gold Sponsor

At the forefront of Hollywood's digital revolution, Elektrofilm is spearheading the charge in the migration to data-centric workflows. An industry leader in post-production in the U.S. and abroad, Elektrofilm offers a customized suite of services including editorial, effects, audio, duplication, encoding, restoration, DVD authoring and digital asset management. The Elektrofilm Digital Media Environment (DME) offers cutting edge solutions for the entertainment industry, enabling Elektrofilm to bridge the past, present and future of media.

Ascent Media Group
Santa Monica, California-based Ascent Media Group provides creative and technical media services to the media and entertainment industries through its Creative Services and Networks Services groups. Through more than 70 facilities in California, New York, London, Singapore and other locations throughout the world, Ascent Media provides effective solutions for the creation, management and distribution of content to major motion picture studios, independent producers, broadcast networks, cable channels, advertising agencies and other companies that produce, own and/or distribute entertainment, news, sports, corporate, educational, industrial and advertising content.

Silver Sponsors

Cineric is the industry's leading film restoration and preservation facility. We implement both traditional photochemical techniques and the latest digital technology in our efforts to restore and preserve our precious moving image heritage. At Cineric technical innovation and quality craftmanship go hand in hand.

Since 1915, when Deluxe began as a film lab for William Fox studios, the company has expanded into all service sectors within the entertainment industry, including feature and independent film, broadcast television, home entertainment, music and games.

Iron Mountain Film & Sound Archives
Iron Mountain’s secure, technologically advanced preservation solutions for archiving film and sound elements provide the ultimate protection against the harmful impact of harsh environmental conditions. With electronically monitored climate control for maintaining temperature and humidity levels, our above-ground and underground vaults provide the safest possible physical environment for preserving your film and sound elements.
Iron Mountain offers comprehensive inspection, cleaning, and digital duplication services for audio, video, and film elements. Our experts can determine how best to return your elements to optimal condition and provide cleaning and rejuvenation techniques that repair damage and extends the useful life of your asset.

Bronze Sponsors

Hollywood Vaults
Hollywood Vaults has created a modern approach to the storage & preservation of valuable media assets, offering unparalleled quality, convenience and security. Today Hollywood Vaults is regarded as one the world's premier public film, tape and digital media storage vaults. Additional information at or owner, David Wexler at 800.569.5336

Novastar Digital Sound Services
Novastar - one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets. With over 15 years of servicing the audio post production needs of major film studios, television networks and independent production, our staff and all-digital stages provide service and quality we know are second to none. With an extensive background in the areas of feature film and television re-recording, audio restoration, DVD pre-mastering, ADR, and Foley mixing, Novastar is well positioned to offer a virtual “soup to nuts” set of audio services for your project’s needs.

Samma Systems
SAMMA Systems is a subsidiary of the media preservation consultancy, Media Matters, and has offices and development facilities in downtown Manhattan. SAMMA Systems has been built around two complementary lines of business: Archive Preservation and Archive Access, both of which require a major investment involving time, effort and cost. The tools SAMMA Systems has created are specifically designed to challenge those obstacles that prevent many organizations and archives with valuable media assets from moving ahead with their preservation and access goals. Sàrl
We provide comprehensive services that encompass the whole range of moving image preservation using both photochemical and digital techniques.

Audiovisual Preservation Solutions
Founded by Chris Lacinak, AVPS provides consultation to overcome the challenges faced in the preservation and access of audiovisual content. We offer a full array of consulting services including training, collection assessment, reformatting, digital asset management, metadata development, and facilities design. For more information visit or call 917.548.8632