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IN AUDIOVISUAL ARCHIVING. May 2 - 5, 2010, Oslo, Norway

66th FIAF Congress, 2 - 8 May 2010

JTS 2010 Oslo:
Opening Speeches mp3
  • Nina Refseth, Norwegian Film Institute, director
  • Kurt Deggeller, Memoriav, convenor of the CCAAA
  • Hisashi Okajima, President of FIAF

JTS - Schedule and Abstracts, May 3 pdf
01 George Blood: Bits is Bits, Right? Guess Again ppt - mp3
02 Mike Casey: Scaling Up mp3
03 Peter Fornaro: Monolith - migrationless long term digital storage pdf - mp3
04 Jim Lindner: Stained glass. Parallels in Preservation pdf - mp3
05 Arne Nowak: Digital Archiving of Audiovisual Material - Pilot Projects in Europe pdf - mp3
06 Jørgen Stensland: Digitalization of Norwegian Cinemas ppt - mp3
07 Erlend Jonassen: Digital cinema - bringing film classics back to the cinema screen docx - mp3
08 David Pfluger: 16mm Reversal Material in the Light of the Transfer to High Definition Video pdf - mp3
09 Fumiaki Itakura, Akihiro Seino, Katsuhisa Ohzeki: Digital restoration and preservation of GINRIN pdf - mp3
10 Rudolf Gschwind: Dust BW pdf mp3
11 Thomas Drugeon: Context sensitive archiving of videos on the web ppt - mp3

JTS - Schedule and Abstracts, May 4 pdf
01 Nadja Wallaszkovits: Audio goes Video mp3
02 Christine M. Abrigo: Audio-Visual Preservation pdf - mp3
03 Frederic Dumas: Monitoring the broadcast of archive content mp3
04 Roland Oderman - Johan Oomen: Open Images: Creative Commons distribution platform for video mp3
05 Panel Session: Scanning Technologies for Motion Picture Optical Sound Tracks mp3
    Ulrich Ruedel: Sensiometry of Heritage Soundtracks - Haghefilm Foundation
06 Jörg Houpert : Supervision of the Analogue Signal Paths... pdf - mp3
07 Chris Lacinak: Migration of Media-Based Born-Digital Audiovisual Content to Files doc - mp3
08 Xavier Sené: Determining the composition of shellac discs: Challenge or fantasy? doc - ppt - mp3
09 John W. McBride, Lars Gaustad: Audio recovery and identification of first Norwegian sound recording ppt - mp3

JTS - Schedule and Abstracts, May 5 pdf
01 Matthew Addis: Long term data integrity for large Audiovisual Archives pdf - mp3
02 Philippe Gerrier: HD in the archive domain ppt - mp3
03 Johan Oomen: Audiovisual Heritage and Participatory Culture slideshare.net - mp3
04 Svetla Boytcheva: Semantically Enhanced Audio-Visual Repository pdf - mp3
05 Hermann Lewetz: Long Term Preservation: The Time after doc - mp3
06 Paolo Cherchi Usai: Teaching Digital Preservation
07 Open microphone mp3